Monday, November 7, 2011

More Details on The Blakes Hitch

This illustrates how to tie it in more detail.  Moreover, it points out a grave error if tied incorrectly.  The incorrect way fails to hold.

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  1. Thanks. I've been looking at sliding knots so I can climb this tree in my yard. I've got a buddy that runs a tree service but they use spikes and that's not what I want. For me the Blakes hitch seems to be the best because you can use the same size cord as your climbing rope and it's still strong according to several people who tested them. I can't understand why people use prusik's of various sorts with smaller ropes. Yes I know they hold better with smaller but you're climbing with a smaller rope holding you on. You generally have two of them but still falling is really bad for you. I'd rather use a full size rope and while a Blakes hitch may not be perfect in all cases I've yet to see anyone call them bad or weak.