Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Quick Tie Spanish Bowline

The triangle of advanced knot skill applies here: 1) bight-on-bight tying 2) initial hold position is critical 3) use the hand as a template.  The quick tie method for the Spanish bowline utilizes mostly #1 and #2 here.  The hand template is used in the opening move.  This serves to introduce the Van Gorder's pretzel, which is a loop folded on a bight.  Van Gorder has developed more than 26 knots from this pretzel starting point.  It's a game changer for tying the Spanish bowline.

Here's the video version:

After pulling B and C out, turn B counter clockwise, and turn C clockwise.

The Spanish bowline has been mentioned as the basis of an emergency harness made from rope. The two characteristic loops hold the legs.  I've used it as a foot loop for SRT RADS.

Here's the video version:

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